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Abernethy Barcaple:
Ringford, Castle Douglas,
DG7 2AP.
Tel. 01557 820261.

At wigton

At Grange-over-Sands

Capenwray Hall:
Tel. 01524 733 908.

Carlisle Diocesan Youth Centre:  
Tel. 01768 779 714.

Castlerigg Manor
At Keswick

Hawkeshead Hill
At Hawekshead Hill

Keswick Convention
Guess where!

Knock Christian
Near Appleby

Monastery of Our Lady
of Hyning:
Warton, LA5 9SE.   
Tel. 01524 732 684.

Rydal Hall
At Ambleside

Swarthmoor Hall:
Ulverston, LA12 0JQ. Individuals or groups, full programme.
Tel. 01229 583204.

At Newcastleton



I n t e r n a t i o n a l

care for persecuted





Defending the rights of

Christians to express

their genuine beliefs.

Counselling services

A romantic winter’s tale set in the City of Carlisle that ends in blessings and a happy ending for Cumbria.

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K e s w i c k

M i n i s t r i e s

The Wise Ones


The Christian Church’s obsession with youth has not been particularly blessed. God knows the heart and sees that the first love of each denomination is for itself and its continuation.


The defence of such a cause is that the denomination is required for the propagation of the gospel. However, the decline in numbers and the absence of teenagers and young adults speaks volumes as regards God’s blessing to such a cause.


The substance of Church should be love.




Charity Choice list of charities helping the wise ones.


Age UK


Catholic Caring Services


Methodist Homes


UK Care Guide  helpiful advice as regards home or residential care.





If the elderly are lonely, or without a helping hand, or frightened, or under nourished, or existing in cold rooms,  or suffering in any way that can be avoided, why would God trust such a Church with the precious soul of a young person? The same applies to the disabled.


How many churches make it a priority to ensure that the elderly can get to Sunday worship, by organising lifts, or even taking the ‘church’ to them, occasionally? The truth is that if the Church loved and looked after its members and the members loved and looked after each other, ‘christianity’ would appear a much more attractive option to those on the outside looking in. Too often it is only the players at the Sunday party who are considered.


Everyone has heard (and probably paid) lip service and seen the crocodile tears, but the fact remains that as a society we are abusing our elderly. The so called ‘care services’ are sometimes the cause of illness or death of the elderly and infirm. How many grateful sons and daughters fill their lives to the point they cannot look after their parents, or at least be available to protect them and consider their best interests. How many sons and daughters actually deserve the house, possessions and money that might come their way?


We all need to realise that what goes around, comes around and we all need to root out elderly abuse.

It can be kids persecuting the elderly at night, or a nurse or care worker ignoring an elderly persons request, or failing to clean them properly.

It can be sons and daughters putting careers and their own kids first, or politicians aiming their policies at their core voter base.


It occurs to me that someone should start up a ‘mature citizens’ party that focuses almost entirely upon the needs of the old and elderly. After all the ‘Green’ party certainly made the other party’s change their agendas.

The number of ‘old’ voters must be so great as to be able to sway the balance of power. Given the changes they have experienced and the contributions they have made it is a mystery to me that such wisdom and investment is held in such poor regard by so many people.


Help an old person everyday.